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Lego rebuilt its empire by playing nice with big brands and suing knock-offs

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Building a toy empire isn't all fun and games. Just ask the people in charge of Lego, the plastic brick company from Denmark, profiled in fascinating detail by Adweek. Just about 10 years ago, Lego attempted to diversify its products by building theme parks, making more video games, and new, non-Lego toys, which nearly bankrupt the company. Now under new direction, Lego has sold some of those assets off and come roaring back, securing licensing deals for Lego toys with characters from huge entertainment rivals, including Disney (which owns Marvel and Lucasfilm) and Warner Brothers (Harry Potter and DC Comics characters). Lego has also aggressively sued knock-off toy lines that resemble its iconic plastic bricks for trademark infringement. "We do not aspire to be an entertainment company," said Lego brand relations Michael McNally. Whatever you call it, Lego seems to be clicking right along now.