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Facebook reportedly hires former Apple Maps manager Richard Williamson

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Facebook's "mobile first" push has obviously resulted in some big product announcements lately, from Home to an updated iOS app, but the effort also has included some high-profile hires. The latest, according to Bloomberg, is Richard Williamson, who was a Senior Director with over ten years of experience at Apple and who managed the team that delivered Apple Maps. The app's rocky launch apparently led to Williamson's ouster in November of last year, but Facebook has not been shy about picking up former Apple talent.

Williamson will be joining other ex-Apple employees like Mike Matas, Greg Novick, Scott Goodson, Ollie Wagner, and many others. Facebook has also reportedly been working with Loren Brichter — who most recently created Letterpress for iOS — as a consultant. The hires actually make more sense than they might appear to on the surface. When describing how it builds apps, Facebook's Ollie Wagner told The Verge that many in the company use a piece of software called Quartz Composer as a way to rapidly prototype software, "that's the game-changer," he said. It's Apple software, of course, and so it is no surprise that Facebook would want to snap up Apple engineers who already are familiar with it since it's also what Apple itself uses.

We've reached out to Facebook for comment on Williamson and will let you know if we hear back.