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First Google Glass Explorer kits arriving to backers, user guide posted online

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google glass explorer (brandon allgood g+)
google glass explorer (brandon allgood g+)

Yesterday we learned that the first Google Glass units were rolling off the production line, and now we’re seeing the first units actually arriving to customers. Google+ user Brian Allgood has posted the internals of his Explorer Edition kit. The contents aren’t a surprise — yesterday, Google revealed that the kits would include a Micro USB charger and cable, for instance — but now we know that the first devices are getting into people’s hands. And even though we already had a good idea of exactly what would be showing up inside the Explorer box, there are two surprises: a luxurious Glass carrying pouch, and a clear visor in addition to the tinted one, for those times when you don’t feel like wearing your sun-Glass.

Update: The Google Glass user guide is now available online. There isn't a lot new here if you're already familiar with how Glass operates, but it's worth pointing out that tethering the device to an Android phone with the MyGlass app installed will provide some special functionality (turn-by-turn directions and SMS) that aren't available when tethering to other devices.