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Amazon to expand its Android Appstore to nearly 200 countries

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Amazon logo for liveblog
Amazon logo for liveblog

Amazon has announced the next phase in the expansion of its Android Appstore, today notifying developers that they can submit their apps for distribution in nearly 200 countries. Android device owners in the new regions — which include Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, India, South Africa, and South Korea — will be able to download apps "in the coming months."

Prior to today's announcement, Amazon had launched its Android Appstore in the US, expanding into Europe to offer apps to customers in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Japan. Although Amazon does not sell its Kindle Fire tablet in its new markets, users will be able to download the Appstore Android app on their smartphone, allowing Amazon to sell apps outside of Google's Play Store.

Amazon will begin the expansion of its Android Appstore in the coming months

Amazon's commitment to such a rapid expansion suggests the company is looking to take on Google and Apple, enabling customers all over the world to download apps and become part of its mobile ecosystem. Amazon remains quiet on its plans to expand sales of its mobile devices but the company has long been linked with the launch of a smartphone and is expected to continue the annual launch of new Kindle Fire tablets in supported markets.