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Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders start at T-Mobile on April 24th, tomorrow at Sprint

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Samsung Galaxy S4 colors
Samsung Galaxy S4 colors

T-Mobile has confirmed availability of the Samsung Galaxy S4, opening orders on April 24th for an upfront cost of $149.99 as part of a 24-month plan. The operator ties the handset to its new contractless Simple Choice Plan — which starts at $50 a month — also requiring customers to make 24 monthly payments of $20. As expected, the Galaxy S4 will go on sale in T-Mobile stores on May 1st.

Yesterday, AT&T opened preorders for the Samsung flagship in select areas, becoming the first US carrier to offer the device, pricing the handset at $199.99 on a two-year contract. AT&T says the device will ship by April 30th, hitting mailboxes by May 3rd. Sprint has also confirmed it will open pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 tomorrow ahead of an April 27th release, offering the smartphone for $249.99 on a two-year agreement. However, new customers will receive $100 credit, bringing the price on par with T-Mobile's Uncarrier offering.