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Lori Garver of NASA answers questions in Reddit AMA

Lori Garver of NASA answers questions in Reddit AMA

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Between Neil deGrasse Tyson's impassioned defense of public-funded space exploration and the wildly popular Curiosity rover, NASA has managed to capture the hopes of a new generation even as it's joined by private companies like SpaceX. The agency is already active on social media, but NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver will be taking things a step further with a Reddit AMA, answering questions starting at 2pm EDT today.

NASA has a number of projects on the table, and it's recently announced plans to capture a near-Earth asteroid, bring it into stable orbit around the Moon, and send an astronaut to its surface by 2025. While Garver's AMA may not be quite as exciting as a Google Hangout with astronauts on the ISS, today's event promises a more informal look at one of the few organizations that really inspires a sense of wonder. We'll post the link as soon as it goes live.

Update: You can read Garver's answers to Reddit's questions right here.