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AMC teams up with Joseph Kosinski and 'Pacific Rim' writer for sci-fi drama 'Ballistic City'

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Joseph Kosinski OBLIVION Publicity Still
Joseph Kosinski OBLIVION Publicity Still

We're just days away from the US release of Oblivion, and director Joseph Kosinski is adding another project to his to-do list: a new television show with AMC. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is developing Ballistic City, a futuristic cop drama described as "a blend of Chinatown and Blade Runner." It's being written by Travis Beacham, a writer with credits like Clash of the Titans and the upcoming Pacific Rim to his name. Kosinski is attached to direct the pilot and then executive produce the series.

According to the Reporter, the show is focused on a former police offer who finds himself exploring the criminal underworld of a city that is built into a "generational" spaceship heading for an unknown destination. Deadline reports that it is one of two projects the network will be announcing at its upfront event today. The other is said to be Ashland, a show about the wife of a Hollywood screenwriter in the 1950s who is forced to move her family to Kentucky after her husband is accused of leftist leanings.

AMC has made a name for itself with original programming like Breaking Bad and Mad Men, and has had significant genre success with The Walking Dead. A sci-fi project would seem to be a natural fit for the network, though of course the project is said to be in development, and it's unclear when audiences can expect to see Ballistic City come to their living rooms.