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NBC's reviled sci-fi drama 'Heroes' may get a second lease on life as Xbox Live exclusive

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Heroes logo
Heroes logo

The first season of NBC's Heroes was a surprisingly enjoyable superhero drama when it debuted back in 2006 — but unfortunately, things went down the tubes pretty rapidly after season one until it was mercifully shelved in 2010 after its fourth season. However, it sounds like that might not be the end of the Heroes story: TV Line is reporting that Microsoft is interested in bringing the series back to life as exclusive original programming for Xbox Live. Apparently, the revived show likely will focus on a new cast of characters, with older heroes potentially making cameo appearances based on schedule availability (and interest). Talks are still said to be in the early stages, and there's no word on any potential cast or crew members, including creator Tim Kring.

The strategy Microsoft is pursuing makes sense, even if the content is questionable. The company is already exclusively offering the indie comedy Pulp, and companies from Netflix to Amazon to Redbox are working up exclusive content, so we're not surprised to see Microsoft look to expand its offerings. However, it'll have its work cut out for it if it wants to make Heroes the kind of show that'll drive viewers — though a fresh start with a new creative team and cast might just be what the franchise needs to regain some of the enjoyable highlights found during the first season.