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Nokia reportedly planning Galaxy Note rival, advanced PureView Lumia coming in July

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Nokia (STOCK)
Nokia (STOCK)

Microsoft is planning to update Windows Phone 8 later this year to support 1080p displays and it appears that close partner Nokia might be ready to take advantage of the new resolution. The Financial Times reports that the Finnish smartphone maker is working on a large screen smartphone that's similar in size to Samsung's Galaxy Note series. The device is said to be part of Nokia's Lumia range of smartphones.

A Nokia "EOS" PureView Lumia is also allegedly planned for July. The Verge previously revealed "EOS," a Lumia with a similar sensor that's found on Nokia's 808 PureView handset. The FT also reports that a lighter "more advanced" Lumia is also planned, a device that we understand to be codenamed Catwalk. Images of an unknown Lumia device leaked to the internet this week, and appear to show a slimmer Lumia with an aluminum frame and hump around the camera area. All of the rumored devices are expected to form Nokia's 2013 portfolio for Lumia, a key part of its mobile business. Nokia will reveal its latest financial results later today, demonstrating if the company has been successful with its plans to grow its smartphone marketshare with Lumia.