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LG aims to start selling curved OLED TVs this year

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LG OLED Curved
LG OLED Curved

Having unveiled its curved OLED TV at CES in January, LG has finally confirmed that the set will go on sale, suggesting a retail launch by the end of this year. Speaking to TrustedReviews, LG VP Thomas Lee said "curved TVs are coming in the second half of this year." An LG spokesperson confirmed to The Verge that the company hopes to introduce its curved OLED TV "sometime later this year," but declined to give specifics on when and where it will be launched. LG promises its curved display will deliver an immersive and panoramic experience, somehow offering even wider viewing angles than standard OLED TVs. We'll be happy if the company just lives up to today's pledge of bringing its latest to market — OLED TVs have been notoriously slow in making it to retail shelves.