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Twitter UK shows off #Flock, a cuckoo clock powered by tweets

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Flock Twitter clock
Flock Twitter clock

One lucky advertiser will walk away from an event at the Tate Modern in London today with a novel new Twitter accessory: #Flock, the tweet-powered cuckoo clock.

So long smartwatch, hello Twitter clock

The clock, which chirps at every reply, retweet and new follower, is part of a limited-edition run from Twitter UK. They will be given out to a handful of "trusted Twitter partners," according to a release.

Twitter built the clocks in partnership with BERG, a London design consultancy that specializes in forward-thinking, quirky, and sometimes unclassifiable objects. (BERG was behind last year's Little Printer, which prints out updates from your social network each day on a small piece of paper.)

#Flock is the first product to make use of BERG's new Cloud Dev Kit, which helps designers prototype devices and connect them to the Internet. There are no plans to make it available to the general public.