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Android may include multiplayer gaming features in next update, suggests MyGlass app code

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android game

Snippets of code found in Google's new MyGlass app hint that the company may be working on background improvements to Android that would enhance multiplayer gaming on the platform. Findings and analysis by Android Police suggest that a future update to Android could include tools that allow game developers to easily implement multiplayer features including real-time and turn-based gameplay, in-game chat, achievements, leaderboards, and a way to invite others to play with you. Such tools could go a long way in improving multiplayer Android games and developer support, as developers would no longer have to spend time building a network for every new title.

Android Police discovered the code inside of the MyGlass app after it was released earlier this week. The MyGlass app enables turn-by-turn directions and SMS text messaging on the company's new headset, but Google appears to have included additional, unneeded code within the app that may reveal previously undocumented projects by the Android team. The feature could resemble Apple's Game Center for iOS, which handles matchmaking and multiplayer networking for game developers. Google's next version of Android is expected to be announced next month, though it's not yet known if these alleged gaming features will come along with it.

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