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Showtime announces final 'Dexter' season with two-minute sneak peek, premiere dated for June 30th

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Dexter screencap
Dexter screencap

After seven seasons of highs and lows, Showtime's Dexter is finally coming to an end. The network just announced season eight's premiere on Sunday, June 30th and simultaneously confirmed that this would be the final season one of TV's favorite serial killers. Showtime announced the final season on its Dexter Facebook page to gives its fans the news first, and it also delivered a two-minute sneak peek (note for those who didn't finish season seven, it contains spoilers) — rather a standard trailer, the sneak peek is a particularly tense scene between Dexter and his sister Deb some weeks after season seven's cliffhanger ending. While Dexter's quality certainly varied widely over the years, with seasons five and six being particularly disappointing, last year's outing was largely seen as a return to form and one of the series' better efforts — we're hoping that holds true again over the final episodes.