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Watch a 6-hour long spacewalk streamed live from the International Space Station

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NASA space walk image
NASA space walk image

NASA is live-streaming a six-hour long spacewalk by two astronauts aboard the International Space Station today beginning at 10:06 AM EST on NASA TV. Two Russian astronauts from the current space station crew, Pavel Vinogradov and Roman Romanenko, will exit the station and entering the vacuum of space to fix a broken reflector and install a space-weather monitoring experiment on the outside of the station. They'll also pick up another experiment called "Biorisk," which was designed to examine what happens to microbes on spacecraft. If they have enough time, they'll also try and nab another science experiment from the outside of the space station.

Aside from the station's cameras, there will be point-of-view footage provided by Romanenko's helmet cam, NASA said in a news release. It's also Romanenko's first spacewalk, but the 167th in the history of the International Space Station. Watch it here or over on NASA TV's website.