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Razer agrees to honor fake coupon code, sell thousands of items at 90 percent discount

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Gallery Photo: Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse hands-on pictures
Gallery Photo: Razer Naga Hex gaming mouse hands-on pictures

Three days ago, gaming hardware manufacturer Razer found itself in a bit of a mess. By simply typing in "1234,"customers at Razer's UK online store discovered a rogue coupon code would give them an absurd 90 percent off any of the company's products. Needless to say, thousands of orders piled up before Razer could put a stop to the scheme. But instead of invalidating those orders, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has decided to honor the unofficial deal in order to generate more goodwill towards the company.

In a Facebook post, Tan explains that while the deal "will likely cost us an insane amount of losses" due to selling the items well below cost, the company's "customer comes first" policy directed his decision. "We want to do right by the community," he says. While Razer won't approve a 90 percent discount on every single quantity of every single item ordered, Tan says the company will allow customers who used to the coupon code to get a single copy of each product they purchased, and that backorders may mean the items take weeks or months to ship to those customers. We don't think most will mind.

Tan says the coupon code was originally generated by a third-party to test the Razer online shopping cart. Razer uses Digital River to handle its online fulfillment, and we've reached out to the company to find out if it had a role in the issue or the subsequent generosity.