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Epix arrives on PlayStation 3 today, PS Plus members get free movie each week

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Sony announced plans to add Epix to its growing list of PS3 video-on-demand services earlier this year, and today US gamers will be able to download the app. Epix's content catalog includes over 3,000 movies in high definition, according to Sony, along with comedy specials, boxing matches, and concerts. Sony says its users can expect "great deals" to help introduce them to the studio-backed service. First and foremost, PSN members will have access to a free 14-day trial of the app. Better still, PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to watch one movie for free each and every week — even if they haven't signed up for Epix. In its blog post announcing Epix's release (due alongside the PlayStation Store update later today), Sony didn't disclose which movies those will be. We've asked the company for more details. Epix will be available in the TV / Video Services section of the PS3 system menu later today, and Sony says PS Vita users can expect to see a portable version of the app "soon."