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The Verge Mobile Show 041 - April 2nd, 2013

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Verge Mobile show intro
Verge Mobile show intro

Following last week's Verge Mobile Show hiatus, we came to understand that skipping a week can lead to some table-flipping. So this week, all that all the rage, vitriol, ennui, and resentment that had been pent-up in a distended mass in the bodies of every smartphone user needs to be vented like a spleen under the knife of a medieval surgeon. Vlad, Dan, and Dieter just happen to have some blades and maybe a few leeches lying around, so we'll do our level-best to ensure that the dark humours are bled out. We'll also cover a full two weeks of mobile news, including a big shake up from T-Mobile and (perhaps) equally big rumors of a shake up from Facebook.

We're sorry we had to miss that week, but we're not dead yet. Tune in!

  • Facebook invites us to check out its 'new home on Android' on April 4th
  • Facebook to reveal custom version of Android on new HTC device at upcoming event, says NYT
  • 'Facebook Home' leak suggests company will reveal Android homescreen replacement on Thursday
  • How every smartphone could become a Facebook phone
  • HTC One coming to AT&T and Sprint on April 19th for $199.99, will beat the Galaxy S4 to the market
  • HTC One 'coming soon' to T-Mobile for just $99
  • AT&T confirms HD Voice coming this year
  • T-Mobile to carry the iPhone 5 on April 12th for $99 up front
  • 'Stop the bullshit' in wireless pricing says T-Mobile CEO John Legere
  • T-Mobile becomes the 'Uncarrier', drops contracts and launches LTE
  • T-Mobile's new contract-free pricing plans: $70 per month for unlimited data, talk, and text
  • T-Mobile LTE network officially goes live in seven US cities
  • BlackBerry drops three million users in three months, ships a million Z10s
  • BlackBerry exec claims just 20 percent of BB10 apps are Android-based
  • Apple might release new iPhone this summer, claims WSJ

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