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Google brings free Quickoffice app to Android and iPhone for business customers

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Google Docs Android update improved (1020)
Google Docs Android update improved (1020)

Last December, Google released Quickofffice for iPad, the company's first major release since acquiring Quickoffice in June of 2012. The app was positioned as a way for business who pay for Google's suite of apps to to open and edit documents that weren't native to Google Docs, and now its bringing that app to Android as well as the iPhone. Essentially, the new app will let businesses using Google Apps open and edit Microsoft Office documents on their mobile devices — from there, everything can be saved and re-shared through your Google Drive. It's a workaround for the fact that Drive doesn't let users edit Office documents natively, and its an important one given how dominant Office still is in business. We knew that Google was working on iPhone and Android versions of this app — it said as much back in December — so we're glad to see them finally hit the market. If you're a Google Apps customer, the new Quickoffice apps are available for free now in Google Play and the iTunes Store.