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Facebook exec Emily White heads to Instagram to grow partnerships, make money

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emily white (instagram)
emily white (instagram)

Facebook’s Director of Mobile Partnerships, Emily White, is heading over to Instagram, fostering partnerships and growing the hugely-popular photo sharing service’s revenues as director of business operations, reports All Things D. A lot of White’s previous experience revolves around monetization, both at Facebook, and before that, at Google, where she worked as senior director of emerging businesses under current Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. In her new job she'll work with Instagram head and co-founder Kevin Systrom, who said of the hiring, "as we continue to scale our operation to support over 100 million active users, her experience with partnerships and business operations will play a major role in our future success."

Facebook is eager to make some money on its nearly-$1-billion purchase

It’s no surprise that Facebook is eager to make some money on its nearly-$1-billion purchase of Instagram. Mobile apps have been harder for Facebook to monetize than the desktop, and Instagram is much less-developed from a moneymaking standpoint than its primary platform. TechCrunch notes that White also helped oversee getting Facebook onto as many devices as possible — some 2,500 by last count. Maybe her hiring means Windows Phone owners will finally get an Instagram app.