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Watch this: Behind Trent Reznor's How to Destroy Angels performance at Coachella

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how to destroy angels (coachella youtube)
how to destroy angels (coachella youtube)

Trent Reznor and the rest of the members of How to Destroy Angels knew that they weren’t going to be a typical go-on-tour-for-a-year band, so when the time came to plan for this month’s Coachella music festival, they knew they wanted to do something different. In the video below, Reznor et al. talk about the visual component of the show, which includes a multi-section floor-to-ceiling barrier made of some kind of filament, forming a semitransparent projection screen.

After discussing the group’s sonic direction — a sparser, purely-electronic alternative to the "ear-ringing assault" of (the recently re-invented) Nine Inch Nails — Reznor wonders, "how could we transform that into the coolest fucking weirdest thing ever?" To get a better sense of what that cool, weird thing was like in person, be sure to also check out the video performance for the title track to Welcome Oblivion at botttom.