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Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' breaks Spotify streaming records, tops iTunes charts

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daft punk
daft punk

In the three days since Daft Punk’s "Get Lucky" was first unleashed, it’s already hit number one on iTunes in both France and the UK, and number three in the US. And on Spotify? It set a record for "biggest streaming day for a single track" in both the US and UK, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Random Access Memories, scheduled for a May 21st release, is the first new Daft Punk album in eight years (excluding 2007’s live album and 2008’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack), and anticipation for the release is reaching a fever pitch. If you can’t wait to hear it for yourself, French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur posted the group's track-by-track breakdown of the upcoming album, which includes a 250-track piece called "Touch" alongside a song called "Motherboard," which they describe as a "futuristic" piece that could be from "the year 4,000."

The French duo called Williams "a born performer"

Then of course, there's "Get Lucky," featuring Nile Rodgers and Pharrell Williams. The French duo called Williams "a born performer" that produces "a lot of elegance," some of which even manages to come through in this video of his first public performance of the song. The show took place at the HTC One concert in Brooklyn over the weekend, and features Williams solo, singing the song three times in a row over the record's vocal track.