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Apple and Volkswagen team up on iBeetle, but it's no iCar

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Steve Jobs never got around to building the iCar, but Apple has worked with Volkswagen on its new iBeetle. The German carmaker teamed up with Apple to design what it calls a "genuine integrative interface" for the smartphone, pairing them using the peculiarly named smartphone app Volkswagen Car Net The Beetle and a dedicated docking station located on the car's dash.

Its 'genuine integrative interface' was coordinated with Apple

While Apple has already forged partnerships with BMW, Mercedes, GM, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Honda, and Ferrari to integrate its Siri Eyes Free feature, Volkswagen has taken a different approach by offering separate apps and accessories. The car is also available in various colors that are "stylistically linked" to Apple. The docking station is designed to allow the iPhone to snap into the cradle, which will then provide owners with the ability to make use of the specially designed app. The app itself enables Spotify integration, use of a G-Meter, oil temperature gauges, fuel economy diagnostics, and a variety of social features — most of which should probably not be used while you are driving.

Volkswagen says it conceptualized the iBeetle for the debut of iPhone 5 integration, but with advance sales for the car beginning in October 2013 ahead of a 2014 launch, we can't help but point out that Apple will have likely released a new iPhone model by that time. However, the company also notes that the Beetle is the first model line in which it has provided iPhone integration — suggesting other models could feature Apple-specific services in the future.