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Acer laptop turns into a desktop, 'Star Trek' tie-in turns into frowns

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Acer laptop all-in-one transforming teaser
Acer laptop all-in-one transforming teaser

When Acer sent out a press release last week trumpeting a Star Trek: Into Darkness co-branded ad campaign for its Windows 8 notebooks, there didn't seem to be anything of note (other than a misguided marketing pitch). However, an advertisement released today teases one of the more unique notebook designs we've seen. The nameless product, which is clumsily integrated into a scene from the upcoming Star Trek film, looks like a laptop that can transform into a desktop. A sliding hinge on the display lid allows the screen to be adjusted vertically, and the final result looks a bit like an all-in-one desktop. Acer's calling it "a bold and innovative new notebook," and it says that it will be revealed on May 3rd. The company has also released a couple more ads as part of the Star Trek: Into Darkness campaign, though both are pretty standard fare.