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Windows RT 8.1 Preview and Windows Server 2012 R2 revealed in leaked code

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Windows logo stock
Windows logo stock

While Microsoft is preparing to unveil a public preview of Windows 8.1, it looks like Windows RT and Windows Server 2012 users won't be left out of the new upgrade cycle. A recently leaked build of Windows 8.1 has revealed references to a Windows RT 8.1 Preview and Windows Server 2012 R2 in the code of some files in the operating system. Microsoft is understood to be preparing a "Blue" update for its Windows range of products, so this naming is consistent.

The mention of a Windows RT 8.1 Preview suggests that the company may also be preparing to launch a Public Preview version of its Windows RT upgrade for Surface RT and other tablets at the upcoming Build developer conference. Microsoft is preparing to detail all of Windows 8.1's changes at the conference, alongside new features and plans for the company's 7- and 8-inch hardware due later this year. Microsoft CFO Peter Klein recently revealed that Microsoft is working on "small touch devices" that are powered by Windows and due from OEMs in the "coming months." Windows RT hasn't been adopted by many OEMs, but with rumored OEM pricing changes it might be the perfect match for smaller hardware this year.