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First Mozilla Firefox OS phones going on sale Tuesday

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Keak and Peon renders from Geeksphone
Keak and Peon renders from Geeksphone

We've heard a lot about the open, HTML5-focused strategy behind Mozilla's Firefox OS for mobile devices, but that will all be put to the test starting this week. The first two smartphones running Firefox OS — Keon and Peak, low-end developer models from Spanish startup company Geeksphone — are set to open for worldwide pre-order as early as tomorrow, possibly Wednesday, according to The Next Web. Pricing is still in flux, according to the report, but Keon should start at around 115 euros ($150 US) with tax included, and the Peak will debut at 180 Euros (about $234 US). Geeksphone is said to begin shipping globally by the end of the week. We've reached out to Mozilla and Geeksphone for more details and will update when we hear back.

Update: We've discovered a Geeksphone page announcing the sale of Keon for 91 euros plus tax ($118 US) and Peak for 149.50 euros plus tax (about $194 US). The page directs would-be buyers over to, which is temporarily down, presumably to be updated with listings for the new devices.

Update: Geeksphone cofounder Rodrigo Silva has confirmed to The Verge Keon and Peak will be available globally online at beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23, for 91 euros and 149.50 euros (pre-tax) respectively. As for physical retail sales presence, the phones will only appear at the Geeksphone SAT in Madrid for now, but Silva said his company is in the process of " searching for a worldwide partners distributor."

This post was updated to correct the name of Geeksphone team member who provided the information.