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HTC risks supply issues as Netherlands court grants microphone injunction (update)

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HTC One angle (875px)
HTC One angle (875px)

HTC already had to deal with supply chain troubles in the weeks leading up to the One launch, but it appears those headaches aren't over just yet. Citing patents owned by Nokia, the Amsterdam District Court today granted an injunction against the supply of certain microphone components to HTC. At contention is the HDR mic being used in the One; Nokia claims it has exclusive ownership over the technology — developed in collaboration with ST Electronics — and that HTC never had permission to incorporate any of it inside the company's latest flagship smartphone.

In a statement to The Verge, HTC responded to the legal setback by saying, "HTC is disappointed in the decision. We are considering whether it will have any impact on our business and we will explore alternative solutions immediately." Reuters cites a Nokia spokesperson as noting that "HTC has no license or authorization from Nokia to use these microphones or the Nokia technologies from which they have been developed." The spokesperson adds that the injunction is effective until March 2014 and prevents ST Micro from selling the components to Taiwan's HTC globally.

Update: The text of this article been updated to reflect a change in the source material, which originally said the injunction only applied to the Netherlands.