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Vine creator Dom Hofmann on the evolution of six-second storytelling

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vine stock

Vine co-creator Dom Hofmann says the app's appeal lies in its immediacy: "A post on Vine takes you there," he tells The New Yorker, in his first interview since the Twitter-owned app launched in January. "You feel like you were there. Whatever somebody’s trying to say with their post on Vine — the addition of sound, the colors are better, it moves — it feels like it’s happening in real life.” This week, Vine moves from the smartphone to the cinema as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. The inaugural competition for best six-second film attracted more than 400 entries; the winners will be announced Friday. Check out The New Yorker for more on Vine's evolution as a storytelling medium.

The Verge has partnered with the film festival as part of its "Future of Film Live" series. For complete coverage, check out our StoryStream.