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Pizza Hut delivery app for Xbox 360 and Kinect lets you gesture and yell for food

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pizza hut xbox 360
pizza hut xbox 360

Microsoft and Pizza Hut are planning to release a new app on Tuesday that lets hungry gamers order food straight from their Xbox 360s, reports Polygon. The pizza delivery service will arguably make things easier for people that are too engrossed in the action to order over the phone, online, or through a mobile app. What’s more, it will reportedly let you build a pizza with the Kinect, through "hand motions or voice commands," which Xbox rep Larry Hryb says is quicker than using the controller.

There’s plenty of precedent for the pizza-by-console plan — Sony built a pizza-ordering function into Everquest II in 2005, and added a Papa John’s shortcut to the PS3 web browser in 2009. But while Hryb is enthusiastic about the app’s prospects, not everyone shares his optimism. Wedbush Securities research analyst Michael Pachter tells Polygon that it’s "not at all important," adding, "I can do it with my cell phone, don’t see how it makes things easier to do so through the Xbox."