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Google Fiber app for iPad lands in App Store, no iPhone version yet

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Google Fiber iPad promo image
Google Fiber iPad promo image

Google Fiber may be out of reach for most Americans for now, but for customers in Kansas City who currently have the gigabit-speed internet service and a Fiber TV plan, here's some good news: the Google Fiber remote app for iPad has been approved today and can be downloaded from the Apple app store effectively immediately. Unfortunately, the app is iPad-only for now — no iPhone support — and it's restricted to current Fiber customers in the Kansas City metropolitan area on the border of Kansas and Missouri.

The Fiber app for iPad is similar to Google's previous Fiber app for Android devices, but has been slightly redesigned for iOS 6 and up. It still allows users to search for Fiber TV shows and record them onto their DVRs, but now also provides the added bonus of streaming Fiber TV directly through the iPad— as well as through Android devices, as previously available through the Android app. The timing of Fiber for iPad seems ripe, with Google recently announcing it would be expanding Fiber service to two more cities: Provo, Utah by late 2013 and Austin, Texas, by 2014.

Update: A Google Fiber spokesperson tells us that the company is "Working on an iPhone app and hope[s] to make one available soon." As far as for the timing shortly after the Fiber additional cities announcements, that was incidental. "In the midst of expansion, our team has remained focused on continually making the Fiber experience better for our current customers in Kansas City," Google told The Verge in a statement.