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Twitter reportedly working on two-factor authentication

Twitter reportedly working on two-factor authentication

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Twitter is reportedly working on a two-factor authentication system. Wired writes that the company is currently testing the new security solution internally before rolling it out to the public.

Following a number of high-profile hacks, including that of Wired editor Mat Honan, several companies have shifted to two-factor authentication, including Apple, Microsoft, and others. Today’s hack of the Associated Press account provides a vivid illustration of the need for some kind of enhanced security after a fraudulent claim of explosions at the White House sent the Dow plummeting by 100 points.

Two-factor authentication relies on two pieces of information to confirm a user's identity. Implementations typically check for access to a mobile device by requiring you to enter the content of an SMS or similar message in addition to your standard password. So far, no specifics have been announced about the enhanced security at Twitter, but the company is reportedly hoping to implement the new measure "shortly." Twitter declined to comment on this story.