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Some plane crashes have a 'Happy End'

Some plane crashes have a 'Happy End'

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Not every air disaster need end in the loss of lives. Photographer Dietmar Eckell travelled to four continents to document 15 aircraft wrecks over the past 70 years that resulted in no fatalities. Given their age, all of the wrecks are preserved beautifully, mainly because they crashed in uninhabited areas. Eckell has launched a photo book through the crowdfunding site Indiegogo, so if you like what you see there are many more images (and the option to buy the book) at the source link below.

"My photography is not about documenting the planes' condition and details but how they are embedded in grand nature after so many years. I try to capture the surreal beauty of these settings using high viewpoints or shooting through layers. Inspired by the shipwreck painters of the romantic period I look for dramatic skies, late light, or fall colors to 'glorify' these wonderful planes."