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Tumblr iOS app updated with Twitter and Facebook sharing, read-it-later support

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Tumblr for iPhone
Tumblr for iPhone

Hot on the heels of its first Windows Phone app, Tumblr has updated its iOS application with a number of new social and usability features. Recognizing that users like to expand their posts beyond Tumblr, the company has enabled the Twitter and Facebook sharing feature embedded with iOS, but also allows posts to be linked to third-party apps like Tweetbot. The update comes just days after the company launched its first-ever mobile ads in its iOS and Android apps.

Ensuring that users have as many options to share their content as possible, Tumblr has also launched a new template for email sharing, allowing the recipient to either read messages in their mail client or click the associated app link to view them within the Tumblr app. If users don't want to view Tumblr posts within the official app, the company now includes Pocket and Instapaper support, giving them the option to read across devices at their leisure. While Android and Windows Phone allow for easy sharing between apps, Apple users have been waiting for support for additional sharing features. By enabling support for rival services Tumblr can feed back traffic to its service, helping posts go viral on all forms of social media.