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Apple prepares for iTunes' tenth anniversary with timeline of how it changed music industry

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Decade of iTunes anniversary
Decade of iTunes anniversary

iTunes, love it or hate it, changed the music industry, and its tenth anniversary is something to take note of. On April 28th, 2003, Steve Jobs revealed the digital music store — and its ¢99 song downloads — alongside the third-generation iPod. Since then, it's gone on to sell 25 billion songs worldwide — and has become the largest retailer of music worldwide. To commemorate the anniversary, Apple has created a timeline of some key events and milestones in iTunes' history, including the top ten songs and albums for each year. Perhaps most striking is how iTunes has shifted from a music store to a hub for many of Apple's digital products. Today, the once-mighty iPod inches closer and closer to obsolescence, and iTunes focuses more on its 40 billion app sales to date.