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Amazon reportedly developing set-top box for release this fall

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Amazon is said to be working on its own video streaming set-top box, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. Citing three individuals familiar with the matter, Bloomberg Businessweek says Amazon is currently targeting a fall launch for the device. Such a move would help Amazon bolster its already formidable presence in the living room; a number of TVs, video game consoles, and home theater boxes already stream content from the retailer's Instant Video catalog. Developing its own hardware solution would give the company tighter control over how consumers access and consume those movies and TV shows.

The box is being developed by Amazon's Lab126 division, which has been experimenting with TV-connected devices over the last several years according to the report. Bloomberg Businessweek doesn't outline potential pricing for Amazon's upcoming product, but existing (and impressive) options like the $99 Roku 3 don't give the company much wiggle room. We've reached out to Amazon for comment.