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Update for international HTC One said to improve image quality

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HTC is working to improve the camera on its flagship Android phone, the One. The company has developed and released an update that is said to improve both color reproduction and dynamic range in "certain conditions," according to a statement released to SlashGear. Specifically, the update is meant to help combat over-exposure in images that are taken without the phone's high dynamic range (HDR) feature. The changelog also says that the update makes unspecified sound quality improvements to the Zoe still / video hybrid mode. As is par for the course, the update also introduces a range of stability and performance tweaks.

The HTC One faces stiff competition from the Samsung Galaxy S4 for the title of best Android phone (we gave the One a slight edge in our review), and image quality is one of the key areas that separate the two devices. We were a bit disappointed with the heavy noise reduction applied to pictures taken with the One — even in bright daylight — which resulted in images that weren't particularly sharp. We haven't yet been able to test today's update, which is currently rolling out only for the international version of the device, though HTC should be able to improve image quality with some software adjustments.