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'Draw Something 2' now available in iOS App Store

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draw something 2
draw something 2

Draw Something, the Pictionary-style game with a rollercoaster history, now has a sequel. Draw Something 2 for iPhone is available in the US App Store following launches in Canada and Sweden earlier this month. Among other additions, the game promises over 5,000 new words, more drawing tools, and a free draw mode, and can be downloaded as either a $2.99 premium app or a free, ad-supported game.

The original Draw Something had one of the most successful app launches of all time, leading Zynga to purchase developer OMGPOP for $180 million, but has since suffered a declining userbase. Zynga will now be hoping that Draw Something 2 is the game to turn the company around and make good on a pricey investment. There's no word on when or whether it'll be available on other platforms, but we'll update if we hear more.