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Bill Gates welcomes @billclinton to Twitter, officially this time

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bill clinton stock 1020
bill clinton stock 1020

Bill Clinton is on Twitter, and this time it’s for real. Two weeks after dictating his first tweet on The Colbert Report (under the username @PrezBillyJeff), America’s 42nd president has decided to actually take Twitter seriously, discarding his previous handle in favor of the more low-key @billclinton. Hearing the news, Microsoft founder Bill Gates welcomed his fellow philanthropist to the [Twitter]sphere.

During his appearance on The Report, Clinton expressed concerns about people not tweeting him back, but so far that doesn’t seem to be a problem — his last message was retweeted over 2,200 times at the time of this writing. Spotting his former pupil's activity online, Colbert took the opportunity to remind everyone just who taught the former Arkansas governor to tweet in the first place.