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Apple delays construction of secondary office building as part of Campus 2 budget savings

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Apple will delay the construction of a secondary research and development building on its "spaceship" campus in an attempt to drive down the cost of developing its new headquarters. In a filing with the City of Cupertino, Apple said construction of the office building on North Tantau Avenue will now commence as part of Phase 2 of its campus development, a delay that will see work begin once its iconic spaceship building has opened in 2016.

Originally scheduled for completion in 2015, Apple has been forced to push back its Campus 2 move-in date until the summer of 2016. When the campus was announced in 2011, the project already had a budget of $3 billion but that number has reportedly risen to over $5 billion as Apple moves ahead with development of what Steve Jobs said would become "the best office building in the world" — thanks to its curved glass exterior and energy efficient design. Apple says that its development schedule "may be modified to meet [its] business needs" moving forward, so that may not be the last of its revisions. Despite these early setbacks, Apple is focused on opening its circular 2,800,000 square foot building within three years, allowing it to hold more than 12,000 employees.