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Wi-Fi and cell service comes to 30 more subway stations in New York City

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nyc subway wifi
nyc subway wifi

After testing service at six lucky subway stations, New York City is now introducing Wi-Fi and cell service at 30 stations around the city as part of an effort to get the entire underground connected by 2016. The city didn't have to spend a dime: Transit Wireless and the carriers are covering the cost of the entire project, estimated at up to $200 million. AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Boingo Wireless joined in to provide the service. Verizon and Sprint have committed to provide service to their customers as well, although those contracts are still being finalized. In the meantime, anyone can hop on the Wi-Fi network for free thanks to a sponsorship from HTC. The service is only available in the stations and does not include tunnels, although Transit Wireless's contract does allow for expansion at some point in the future. The 36 stations that are now online have an average annual ridership of around seven million customers per station.