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Clip from 'Arrested Development' season four promises more awkward family interactions than ever

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Arrested Development screencap
Arrested Development screencap

We're just a month away from the triumphant return of Arrested Development, which is being brought back to life as a Netflix original — and now Entertainment Weekly has posted the first new footage from the show since it went off the air for all to see. This quick clip is part of a scene that was originally screened at SXSW and during panels at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, and now fans get a chance to see what they're in store for when the next season premieres. Rest assured, there are very few plot details given away, but it's good to see that Lucille and Buster Bluth's relationship remains as completely disturbing as ever — and that Buster's still sticking with a hook as a replacement for his missing hand. Check out the clip here.