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Paul Miller's coming back to the internet, and we need your help

Paul Miller's coming back to the internet, and we need your help


We're looking for the one thing you think Paul should see

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paul love
paul love

On May 1st, 2012, our friend and senior editor Paul Miller left the internet. It was weird.

Now he's coming back, and it's going to get even weirder.

At 12AM ET on Wednesday, May 1st, Paul will return to the web, and it's our responsibility to make sure he sees the year's best stories, tweets, GIFs, Vines, and more. (Vine wasn't even around when Paul left, so we'll have to explain that to him. Additionally, we've created a Snapchat account for Paul. Send him your best shots at pauljmiller.) We'll be livestreaming the entire event as a special edition of The Vergecast, starting at 11PM ET on April 30th.

But we need your help: what should Paul see when he gets back?

Find the one thing you love and let us know with #whatshouldpaulsee

We want you to find the one thing from the past year that you think Paul Miller should see when he comes back to the internet and tweet it (or whatever) with #whatshouldpaulsee. We'll be collecting your tweets, Vines, Instagrams, photos, stories, and GIFs and pulling them together for Paul, and we'll be watching with him live at midnight on May 1st. Hopefully his brain won't explode.

It's your choice. Find one thing.

While you wait, be sure to read about Paul's unplugged experiences in his series, Offline.