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Twitter for Mac updated with Retina display support and quick photo uploads

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twitter for mac new
twitter for mac new

It has seemed for some time that Twitter had all but abandoned Twitter for Mac to focus on its web-based mobile and desktop apps. But today, the company updated its legacy Mac app with Retina display support, a new camera button for sharing photos in tweets, and support for 14 new languages including French, German, Spanish, and Italian. The app was last updated nearly one year ago.

Twitter for Mac Tech Lead Ben Sandofsky notes that we should expect "more improvements to come" at some point in the future, considering he's taking a break from iOS to focus "full time" on Twitter for Mac. What those improvements look like remains to be seen, but today's update is a welcome one for fans of the app's slick native experience on Mac. The company admits that the Mac app does include some handy features like keyboard shortcuts, multiple accounts, and multiple timelines — which aren't as easily accessible in the company's other apps.