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Top Shelf 008: Galaxy S4 and the best new smartphones

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Top Shelf 008 notext lede
Top Shelf 008 notext lede

Hello, S relations! Welcome to Top Shelf, a weekly show from The Verge that takes a deeper dive into the products and experiences of the technology that shapes our lives. Join David Pierce and a veritable gaggle of (mostly organic) friends as they showcase the best, brightest, craziest, and pixel-dense-iest from the consumer electronics industry.

This week, you'll never guess. It's time to talk about Samsung's flagship Galaxy S4, and afterward we'll be joined by Dan Siefert for a game of Android "hide and seek."

Top Shelf: Episode 008

Directors: Billy Disney and Jordan Oplinger
Technical Director: John Lagomarsino

Producer: Ross Miller
Segment Producer: Christian Mazza
Studio Producer: Brendan Murphy
Executive Producers: Chad Mumm and Kyle Kramer

Editor: Regina Dellea
Publishing Assistant: Evan Rodgers

Special Guests: Nilay Patel, Dan Seifert
Host: David Pierce

Vox Studio Manager: Marcos Bueno
From Vox Studios: Robert Langevin, Will Buikema, Nick Prouty

Special Thanks to: Joshua Topolsky, Jim Bankoff, and Marty Moe