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Leap Motion delays planned May launch to July 22nd

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Leap Motion
Leap Motion

Leap Motion announced today that it will be delaying the launch of its gesture control device to July 22nd, pushed back from a slated launch date of May 13th. The stated reason for the delay was to allow for a new round of beta testing. Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald said the new round would begin the first week of June, and include both developers and non-developers. The company stressed the delay does not concern the hardware device, and will not affect the 600,000 units already produced. Instead, the beta test will focus on improving the software user experience. "We've always said we wouldn't release the product until it met our expectations," Buckwald said, "and in this case our expectations are extremely high."

Leap Motion also stressed that the delay will not affect its contracts with HP and Asus. "This is the first and only delay there will be," Buckwald added. "The July 22nd ship date is very hard at this point."