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New York Times releases Google Glass app for early adopters

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Google Glass (STOCK)
Google Glass (STOCK)

The first models of the Google Glass Explorer Edition have been rolling off the production line, and now the New York Times has launched its app for those lucky enough to have a device in hand. To get things going, users will have to link their Google account at a special webpage the Times has set up. The app requires a relatively brief set of permissions — namely, that it can access basic information from your Google account, can manage your Google Glass timeline, and view your location — but after that early adopters should be linked up and ready to go.

We first got a glimpse at the Times' integration with Google Glass at SXSW this year. The version shown off then was able to deliver breaking news to Glass on an hourly basis, and with a simple "look up" head motion would display photos, headlines, and even read the text of a given story. Of course, the Explorer Editions are trickling out to early adopters very slowly, but we imagine we'll see even more of these previewed apps — including ones from Path and Evernote — going live in the weeks and months to come.