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Apple returns to plucking heartstrings with new iPhone 5 ad

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apple iphone ad camera
apple iphone ad camera

Apple has released a new, one-minute commercial for the iPhone 5 that puts the focus on the camera. First reported by 9to5Mac, the ad shows people using the iPhone's camera in a variety of situations over the plaintive sounds of a single piano. Fortunately, none of the shots appear to include portait video, though pictures of food and — sadly — concert video both make an appearance.

The ad is notable for a few reasons. The first is that it's a return to Apple's classic, heartstring-tugging form after it had tried a few upbeat ads. Apple likes to try to make smartphone features humanly relatable whenever possible and it has a knack for doing so with the camera, just like it did with the original FaceTime commercials. It also points out the iPhone's popularity with the only spoken words in the ad: "Every day, more photos are taken with the iPhone than any other camera." Apple is justly proud of the iPhone's popularity on Flickr and has touted those numbers before. Lastly, well, the commercial is good — something that hasn't exactly been guaranteed with some of the company's more recent efforts.