DuckTales has been away for a long time. Ever since the animated series ended its run in 1990, we haven't heard much from Uncle Scrooge and his great-nephews — but Capcom is hoping to change that. The company recently announced that it is working on a remastered version of the beloved NES version of DuckTales, slated to hit the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U as a downloadable release sometime this summer. And with the help of Disney and developer WayForward Technologies, the new title is aiming to not only be faithful to the game it's based on, but also the original TV show. WayForward is working to ensure that the game plays the way you remember it, albeit with a few new twists, while Disney is helping out by providing everything from original art assets to the real voice actors from the show — Alan Young, who plays Scrooge, is on board, despite being in his mid-90s. "We really respect the original vision," WayForward's Austin Ivansmith tells The Verge.

The choice of WayForward was no accident. According to Capcom producer Rey Jimenez, the studio came highly recommended. "WayForward was actually a pick from Disney," he says. "Of course, the ultimate choice was up to Capcom, but they had definitely tossed WayForward's name in the hat." WayForward is located near the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), a school that was founded by none other than Walt Disney, and some of its founding staff were students. "DuckTales is a really good fit for WayForward because WayForward is 22 years old now, we were founded by CalArts people and … we're situated close to CalArts," explains creative director Matt Bozon. "A lot of WayForward's roots are all about traditional animation and Disney is at the center of that. So it makes a lot of sense. It's very familiar to us."