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The Vergecast 075: Galaxy S4 and preparing for Paul

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Vergecast Logo lede image

"Magical." "Revolutionary." "Stunning." "Awe-inspiring." "Stupendous." "Tubular." "Gnarly." "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious." With so many events now confirmed on our calendar, it feels like a good time to brush up on our hyperboles. After all, here's the list as we see it: Google I/O, CTIA, Xbox, WWDC, E3 (which includes Microsoft and Sony press conferences, along something lower-key from Nintendo), and that's just the next two months.

So there's that, and then there's this big little phone called the Galaxy S4 that all the people seem to be talking about. And we are mostly people, so it feels only natural to utter those words in some capacity today.

  • Paul Miller's coming back to the internet, and we need your help
  • Apple's WWDC 2013 kicks off June 10th with new versions of iOS and OS X
  • The new Xbox: what do we know about Microsoft's next console?
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 review