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Mark Zuckerberg adds Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer to his lobbying group

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Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Stock
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook Stock

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg launched an immigration reform group,, earlier this month, designed to promote innovation and investment in the US jobs market. After teaming up with some high-profile technology executives and venture capitalists to form the group, Zuckerberg is adding some more household names today: Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer.

Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, and Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, will both join Brad Smith, Microsoft general counsel, and Napster co-founder Sean Parker as part of the group. Existing supporters also include Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and Google chairman Eric Schmidt. Zuckerburg's venture is separate from his work at Facebook and is designed to push for immigration reforms and higher standards in schools in order to improve the talent pool of US workers. Bill Gates had originally been rumored to be a founding member, but it appears that Gates will simply be a major contributor to the group. Nevertheless, Zuckerberg is clearly forming a powerhouse of key executives in an effort to keep the US jobs market competitive. The high-profile influence of Gates and Ballmer will undoubtedly help push the agenda forwards.