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Coffee date with Tim Cook earns $505,000 bid, breaks Bill Clinton's charity record (update)

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tim cook
tim cook

Charitybuzz's offer of a coffee date with Apple CEO Tim Cook may only have entered its third day of bidding, but it has already broken the record for the biggest ever charity auction on the website. With bids totalling more than $295,000, Cook's auction has surpassed the previous record bid of $255,000 — for a chance to spend a day with former US President Bill Clinton — and there are still 18 days left to bid.

It's an extraordinary show of support; Cook's Charitybuzz auction has an estimated value of $50,000, with proceeds benefitting the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights. The winning bidder will be allowed to bring one guest, spending between 30 minutes and an hour with Cook at Apple's Cupertino HQ, pending a security screening. Some bidders appear to be using the auction as an opportunity to get some face time with the Apple CEO in order to pitch their businesses (with and amongst the bids). With the bidding closing on May 14th, we're left wondering if there's enough demand to push the auction total past the $1 million mark.

Update: As of 10:18AM ET, bidding has risen to $505,000.